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Jacob Jolliff Rockwood Residency

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I had so much fun playing the last show of my twenties at Rockwood! So much fun that I decided to book a residency—one show a decade for the next 30 years, taking place during the last hours of my 30s, 40s, and 50s. This seemed like a super cool idea—I would gradually build momentum over the three shows, keeping people in a frenzy of anticipation for more than a quarter century. Unfortunately, all the players I wanted for the last show of my 50s had conflicting gigs already, and Rockwood didn’t have the date available for the last hour of my 40s, so I decided to rebook the shows for the next three months, starting in November! Each show will feature a cast of totally sick players, and most likely a tasteful little poster by Mike Robinson like this one! Thanks Mike!

JJB October Tour!

The JJB is returning to the west coast in October! I have proof, because I’m writing this just after purchasing airline tickets for the last hour—a task I savor and look forward to for weeks. I can’t wait to play The Freight and Salvage again; I have so many great memories of performing there with Joy Kills Sorrow. Then we return to my old stomping grounds, the bluegrass stronghold of Oregon, for three shows. It’s always a blast to go back there, see so many old friends, and hoist up the facade that I like “hiking” again—something I held in place for my entire upbringing, only to gloriously rip off when I moved to the east coast in 2007. Finally, we’ll visit Prosser, WA, for a show at The Roots Cellar. The band has never played in Prosser, but I have a sneaking suspicion we’re huge there! And for those of you that have complained in the past that JJB shows don’t feature enough mandolin, we’ve decide to quadruple the mandolin air time by turning all fiddle, guitar, and bass solos in to mandolin breaks.  If mid-tour this still doesn’t seem sufficient, we might make a game time decision to convert all 2nd and 3rd verses in to more mandolin features as well. So not to worry! I kid, but anyway, we sure hope to see a bunch of west coast friends on this trip!  


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10/9 Berkeley, CA- The Freight and Salvage

10/10 Applegate, OR- The Applegate Lodge

10/11 North Bend, OR- The Liberty Theater

10/12 Monmouth, OR- Rice Auditorium @ Western Oregon University

10/13 Prosser, WA- The Roots Cellar @ Brewminatti